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FAE Forestry Equipment

Skid Steer Forestry Mower Model

Heavy duty stone/gravel roads crusher, with extra heavy duty fixed teeth rotor STC

The FAE STC model is a heavy duty machine purposely designed to crush stones and rock of whichever nature up to a size of approximately 30 centimeters in diameter. The equiped rotor with fixed hammers with tungsten carbide inserts allows the crushing as well as in surface as in depth (up to 15-20 cm). The particular cionstruction of the hammer, guarantees a very good resistant against wear keeping the running cost to a minimum. In its construction FAE employs special steels, like the HARDOX® 500, in particular the parts subject to wear are easy to substitute. The STC is ideal for heavy work such as agricultural land reclamation, the maintenance of tracks, the preperation and restoration of ski slopes, restoration of dirt roads and in all those jobs in which the crushing of stones is necessary. Ideal primary movers are tractors having extra low ratio gearbox, in upper middle power range (max 160 HP). The STC model comes standard equipped with: PTO drive line with cam clutch, adjustable protection hood, support skids adjustable in height, predisposition for grader blade. Upon request: hydraulic top link, grader blade and version (STC/HEAVY) for tractors up to 260 HP.

  Before After  

Photo shows uncleared area in the upper portion and the lower portion shows cleared area after FAE Stone Crusher. Before and after, left side of the photo is before and the right side shows area having been cleared and stones crushed.

Model Working Width
Overall Width
PTO Power HP
STC 125 49 66 3182 80/110
STC 150 58 79 4290 100/170
STC 175 68 89 4510 120/170
STC 200 77 98 4730 140/170
The STC model is equipped for PTO at 1,000 rpm, STC 125 also available for PTO at 540 rpm.